Kindergarten / First Grade

5 - 7 Years

Children at this age level have an insatiable desire to learn, which we harness to teach them how to think abstractly and utilize their remarkable powers of imagination. Our goal in this program is to help each child develop their natural curiosity and learn how to apply it to academic endeavors.


Students experience various courses, including math, reading, language arts, art, and music. K-1st grade class is academically challenging and meets each child’s changing developmental needs.


Through the Montessori environment, K-1st grade students learn to work together, develop relationships with others, and respect differences. They also gain essential skills such as cooperation, responsibility, and self-discipline. These social traits are essential for navigating the world now and in the future.


What Our Parents Say:

"My son has been attending Fulbright for close to a year. We have experienced nothing but positive feedback from this school. The staff are friendly and the teachers are caring. Everyday, my son tells me he wants to go to school because he loves his teacher and have so much fun there with his friends. One main reason I chose this school is because they have a great security system. Each parent gets a key card to scan to open the front door of the school. You also need to do a fingerprint scanning during pick up and drop off of your kid. On top of all these, they also were one of the few schools near by that offered affordable tuition. Overall, we are very happy with Fulbright Montessori." - Jan W.

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