2 - 3 Years

In our Pre-Primary community, we greatly emphasize preparing an environment in which each child has the ability to move and explore, which supports the development of their self-knowledge. By appealing to the children’s senses through order, balance, and harmony, our environment allows students to follow their natural curiosity and experiment with the materials. Freedom is given within limits in order for each child to become organized and learn respect for others.


The children participate in developmentally appropriate activities using materials that they can manipulate with their hands. And, along with teachers and parents, they feel a sense of community in which to experience the importance of caring for others.


The activities of Practical Life are everyday living skills, such as caring for yourself and caring for where you live (the environment). Practical Life activities aid children’s development of concentration, coordination of movement, order, and independence. These activities are crucial to the integration of the child’s personality, because they develop trust and feelings of self-worth.

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